How We Do It


We begin our projects with our most important skill – attentive, focused listening. We meet with you with the goal of us getting to know you, your reasons for building a new home and your vision for this new home. This meeting also allows you to get to know us and see how we operate.

02 – PLAN

Once we’ve met and listened, the next step is planning the project. This includes either reviewing the plans you’ve provided or working along with you and our designer to create plans to fit your needs. This is also the time we would look at some green/energy efficient options for your home, to see what would best offer you a savings payback in a minimal number of years.


After we have a finalized set of plans to work from we work on an itemized estimate for your home. This estimate will be broken down into a very detailed, easy to understand format showing every item and allowance for your new home.

04 – BUILD

Now that we have a working estimate we proceed with construction. During this process you will be in close contact with us through numerous scheduled on-site meetings throughout the construction of your home. This will give you many opportunities to communicate your desires to us and the skilled subcontractors working on your home. You will be provided with a Selections Checklist, a list of the items you are responsible for selecting for your home and deadlines for those items to ensure we stay on schedule for your project. We will assist you with these selections, helping your choose items that are both high quality, durable and fit within your budget.

05 – TRACK

We feel this is the most important portion of building your home so we provide you with updated Budget Tracking Reports so you are aware of all the financial aspects of your home. We will manage all aspects of tracking your homes costs by accepting all invoices, ensuring their correctness and payment. This will allow you to enjoy the construction of your new home instead of worrying about paying the bills.


Once you move into your new home there are inevitably going to be small repairs and adjustments that will need to be made. When you come across one of those items give us a call and we will take care of it in a timely manner.

Building Process Basics

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