Kim and I would like to thank you for the wonderful bathroom you and your associates have given us! We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to choose you for this project. Your level of communication, willingness to accept last minute input, and the overall quality of the final product met our expectations completely. It was a nice bonus to come in very close to budget after many additions!
We will be contacting you soon to begin the next project.
Many thanks,

Matt and Kim Banks

Over the last year, we had the opportunity to make our dreams come true. With the guidance of JasonBekebrede, we undertook the building of our new home. From the very first meeting with the Architect to the handing over of the keys, Jason was there with his experience and superior knowledge of construction. Rather than being a laborious task, the whole process was really a joy to participate in with Jason's impute and ideas.
We came to the table with many thoughts and ideas. Through Jason's leadership we not only incorporated them into our design but exceeded even our own expectations. From start to finish Jason was there to give us new ideas and almost everyday keep us appraised of the progress.
If you're looking for a superior end product, with finishes and touches that you will be proud of for many years to come, have Monticello Custom Homes build your project. Your home will not only be structurally sound, but a place of true joy for your family and friends.
Please feel free to contact us personally at the numbers below, and we will be more than willing to discuss why you need to hire Jason to build your dream home.

Respectfully, Michael and Karen Schaller

(Monticello Homes) remodeled the entire basement of our 4500 square foot home in just 5 days. We didn’t think it could be done in that short of time because it required removing everything down to bare concrete, tiling the entire floor & putting in a full kitchen & custom work room. Jason and his workers made the process an effortless joy. Due to his diligent oversight, each step in the remodel process stayed precisely on schedule so the next part could fall into place as planned.

Patrick Ethen and Wanda Ethen M.D.

Monticello Homes recently built out custom home…we are very pleased with the house…Jason was very meticulous and paid close attention to every detail, even those we did not see. He was very helpful in assisting us with design & product advice and suggestions…

Michael Bashford & Vicki Trump

Jason demonstrated extensive knowledge of up-to-date building science techniques…This was a high priority for us, since we set out to build a truly unique home. (Jason’s) Very efficient coordination and constant supervision of contractors made it possible to reach all of our objectives and also ensured that the project was finished ahead of time. Another remarkable and highly appreciated aspect of Jason’s building style is how he communicates at all times and about all details of the construction. This allowed us to build the home exactly how we had envisioned it.

Leroy and Chris Matthews

There were several builders’ homes available in the area that we selected, but Jason’s homes, by far, were the best built, with the highest quality of workmanship and materials…we have spent sufficient time with Jason to know that he is certainly honest, reputable, and a great builder. We have already told him that when (and if–hahaha) we are ever ready to move, that he certainly will be our builder.

Jerry and Sharon Chaput

One of the few contractors I know that takes pride in the homes that he builds…I developed Quail Cove and Wildflower Subdivision (and) I believe I know a good contractor when I see one!

Al Hynek

Our contractor Jason Bekebrede of Monticello Homes made this difficult task a pleasant experience…His attention to detail from the initial bid to the last blade of grass in the lawn made building this house a dream come true…The many emails, telephone calls and visits kept us up to date at all times with no unpleasant surprises…If we ever build another house Jason would be our contractor.

John and Linda Bornheimer

Unlike conventional builders, Jason proactively seeks out high performance products to include in his homes. Buy weighing the cost versus the return he’s able to consistently provide his clients with a home of higher value. Jason’s company, Monticello Homes, is one of the top builders is Southwest Missouri.

Mark Buckley, Account Representative, The Dow Chemical Company

I have to tell you Jim & I were just a little more than impressed that your estimate and final invoice were practically one in the same. Bravo! And we SO appreciated your attention to detail and keeping us informed of what was going on each day. We also enjoyed meeting all your subcontractors – they were simply stellar professionals.

Judith Billings

My husband and I recently retained Jason Bekebrede of Monticello Homes for a small remodeling job and some additional general repairs at our residence. We have previously been involved in building two houses with other builders, and we certainly wish Jason had been our contractor for those homes!

He was unbelievably organized including scheduling the entire process from start to finish in advance, and the schedule was for completion in less than two weeks. I did not think it was possible as it involved removing carpet, wood-working, staining and painting along with other plumbing and HVAC additions. Everything went exactly on schedule as Jason had promised. All of the subcontractors arrived timely and were exceptionally courteous and professional.

I hope one day to have the opportunity to build another home from the ground up. I will certainly choose Jason Bekebrede and Monticello Homes as our contractor. I can recommend Jason without reservation and would be pleased to speak with anyone to provide more detail regarding our exceptional experience working with Jason Bekebrede and Monticello Homes and Development.

Jennifer K. Huckfeldt

While the workmanship performed by you and your contractors is obvious, I also want to take a moment to compliment you on your professionalism and attention to detail. I have worked with a large number of contractors in my practice over the years and you are by far the most professional and responsive to clients’ demands that I have ever seen. Up front, you provided us with an estimate of what the project and repairs would cost and how long it would take to complete them. While the project was ongoing, you provided daily updates of the work in progress. The project was completed on schedule and within our budget. Nothing was hidden and there were no surprises at the end of the repairs.

We also greatly appreciated the walk-through which you did upon completion of your project. During the walk-through you noticed several small items in our house that were not up to your approval that neither my wife nor I noticed. You immediately worked with your contractors to rectify these minor issues at no additional cost to us. Again, you went above and beyond what most other contractors I’ve worked with would have done.

Kevin J. Rapp

I hired Jason and his team to remodel my master suite. They were respectful and professional and completed my project on time. The level of craftsmanship offered by Monticello Homes is superior. As an accounting professional and a mom, the budget and record keeping (including receipts down to the duct tape) was extremely important to me. It was a thrill to see this extensive project completed under budget, even with the unforeseen termite damage included. I look forward to working with this contractor on my next remodeling project!!!

Cindy Cook

I hired Jason Bekebrede of Monticello Homes last spring to do a complete kitchen remodel in my house. I am very happy with the workmanship and the design. I am having a terrific time cooking in the new space, it’s such an efficient and beautiful space that I even enjoy cleaning it up. Jason was on schedule, on budget, respectful of my ideas, helpful and very easy to work with. He made sure his workers completed jobs on time, did a good job and left the job site clean. He was willing to meet me in town to help me select materials as well as giving me suggestions of where to look to find things either in town or on line. He also made great design suggestions. I could not ask for a better experience and would hire him again for future jobs. I recommend Monticello Homes absolutely without reservation.

Sarah Perkins

Dear Friend, We are writing this letter to let you know that we used Jason Bekebrede with Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling for our master bathroom and closet remodel this year. The project was one that we had been dreaming of for at least a decade, and it has turned out to be everything we had hoped it would be. Our overall experience in working with Jason and his various crews was very positive. Whenever he told us someone would be at our house, they were. Jason kept us informed of the schedule so that we could plan accordingly, and this made the project less intrusive to our everyday life. When living through a remodel project, you expect to have some minor inconveniences but we would say that in working with Jason he made these obsolete. We were absolutely thrilled with the end results. We would highly recommend using Jason Bekebrede with Monticello Homes and Development! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Sincerely, Rich and Jana Bachus

Rich and Jana Bachus

…If you are considering Monticello Homes for a small renovation or a complete home build, do it. You will appreciate Jason’s attention to detail, construction expertise and design creativity, as well as his calm and supportive personality.

Craig and Shawn Finger

Interested in building your “Dream Home” or Remodeling